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Hello everyone my name is Thomas, I am 20 and I am new to this community.
I just worked out how to post finally.
I was diagnosed with schizophrenia some time ago, alot of it is madness but sometimes I can hear thoughts of people i know well, coming through in a very different fashion then the voices usually do. A very hard thing to test when i don't want to embarrass anyone... It has only been proven to be correct a couple of times though.
I wonder if any of you have any thoughts on schizophrenia

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I have bipolar and schizopherina and i have a lot of that too. I get visions, yeah I know, it is onlt supposed to be audio, right? heh
I'm supposedly bipolar but i havent taken the medication since i was 12 although i did have to go to therapy for a long time. actually not taking the medication makes me feel better (dont suggest it for everyone though)

I've been visited by fairies all my life.. in my dreams and in life... um.. dont know why i wasnt diagnozed w/ schizophrenia