crisalide_acqua (crisalide_acqua) wrote in psychicprogeny,


I've also always know how someone is feeling and this may sound a little funny but all my life i've been guided by fairies. LOL They havent always aided me but when i am in extreme need for guidance they come to me. Either in dreams or just when i am awake. Two years ago I had my strongest fairy visit or maybe they were angels because my father was with them. It was the morning that my dad died and two beautiful beings came to me in my dream and sat me down and told me that everything would be okay. That he was needed somewhere else but that he would be back. At that time i didnt know who he was but then my father came from behind them and gave me a hug and a kiss and told me he loved me and that i would be fine i just had to believe in myself. And then i woke up knowing that he had died and yet not knowing. I went to school and in the middle of the day i got my period which would have be normal if i hadnt just finished my period a week and ahalf ago. I called my mom and strangely enough she agreed to pick me up. When we got home she told me what i already knew. That my father had died.
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