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Living, Loving, and Working in the New Energy
Crystal Therapy Book
New Products for Indigo and Crystal Children
Woman's World Angel Column
Disappearance of the Universe
Congratulations to Crystal Child Musician, Evren Ozan!
Doreen's New Live Radio Show Announcement
Updated Website Announcement
Doreen & Steven's 2005 Tour
Doreen's Workshop Schedule

Living, Loving, and Working in the New Energy
by Doreen Virtue

When Louise Hay began teaching about healing in the 1980's, she estimated that it took about six months for your thoughts to manifest into form. She noticed how this time lapse shorted over the years. Today, our thoughts manifest instantly.

In ancient Egypt, initiates were placed into coffin-like sarcophagus chambers, where they were sealed for several days. Alone in the dark, their imagination would chase them with frightening images. They faced their deepest fears as vivid hallucinations that seemed real. At the end of the initiation, the sarcophagus was opened. Some people died from fright at the sight of their own fears. If you lived, you were promoted to a higher level of learning and spiritual work.

We are all going through similar initiations presently with the new energy that has enfolded our planet. This energy is akin to a deep detoxification process, showering away impurities from our lives. The new energy no longer allows anything out of integrity to be hidden. With the full moon in Virgo upon us this week, we'll continue to experience a deep detox in our lives, bodies, minds, and intentions. The Virgo full moon pushes us to release whatever might stand in the way of sacred service.

This purification is only painful if we resist it, or try to hang on to anything that's unhealthy or untrue. This detoxification that everyone's experiencing is an answer to our prayers! It's dusting off the Light that has been dimmed by too many years of competition, greed, and corruption. The old energy is fading, and will soon be a distant memory and the stuff of mythology about this time in earth's history. The old energy was based upon the fear of lack. You can usher in the new energy more quickly by KNOWING that there is no lack. Demonstrate in your life this truth: if we simply follow our inner truth – we are always completely supported in all ways.

If you feel like you're being tested by the Universe, or are experiencing a Dark Night of the Soul, your best bet is to surrender everything completely to Spirit. Fighting for control only lengthens the time you'll feel the pain of being out of control. When you surrender and say to Heaven, "I'm sick and tired of this. You take over!" that's when you actually regain control of your life.

Surrendering allows Spirit to fully help you! I've recently discovered a tool to help with surrender which is available at It was created by a woman whose son was serving in the war, to help her surrender worry.

Those who push to get ahead, will fall behind in this new energy. Those who worry, will manifest their fears very quickly. Those who complain, will feel the pain of victimhood. Those who compete will find that everyone competes with them.

Yet, those who work with the inner plane using love and faith, will experience joys which words cannot describe. Those who give joyously, will receive joyously. Those who help others will be helped by others. Those who use kind words, will hear kind words said about themselves. Those who march courageously toward their inner dreams, will find their dreams galloping toward them.

The world is now a perfect mirror of your thoughts, and EVERYTHING you think and say about yourself, other people, or situations will manifest instantly and come back to you. Avoid blaming, complaining, judging, or thinking that you're a victim of anything or anyone. It's impossible to be a victim in this new energy.

Everything we experience is a choice which we make each time we say, write, or think a word. Choose carefully in this new energy. Your choices affect not only yourself, but everyone on this planet.

Steven and I pray for your happiness, health, prosperity, peace, and joy. May you open your arms to receiving the great flow which is now magnificently offering you everything you could ever desire. Your joy is a gift to this world!

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