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My Story

I was looking for a "Ghost Encounters," group, but this community was the closest I got to that subject. Hi, my name is Katie. I'm glad to meet all of you. I want to talk about an encounter I had when I was four years old. For all I know, it means nothing, but it was very profound to me, and also very disturbing. This is it.

When I was four years old, I hallucinated (at least, that's what the doctor said.) I don't know why I would have hallucinated. I was not sick or running a fever, and I was not mentally unstable. One morning I woke up and felt hands all over my body. Actually, it felt like a whole bunch of fingers pulling me into the ground. I started screaming and crying and my mom asked me what was wrong. I told her that I could see "hands coming out from the ground and they were trying to pull me under." You can imagine what my mother thought "I have a wacky child," but anyhow, this continued to go on for two days. The first night I could not touch the surface of the bed or the floor. I had to lie on my mom. You see, I could feel the fingers on my body. I was having tactile and visual hallucinations, but not auditory (I think that's why the doctor really didn't worry about it.) My poor mom was all alone with me because my dad was working nights. She took care of me as best she could, but it didn't help. My grandma came over (and bless her soul,) told me that I was imagining things.

I think that I had some sort of a psychic or spiritual encounter. I don't know what else it would have been. I never hallucinated after that, and there was nothing physically wrong with me. For a long time I believed that it was my imagination, but now, looking back on it, I think that I experienced a paranormal experience.
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