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psychicprogeny's Journal

psychic parents and psychic kids
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This community is for parents, relatives and friends of psychic children, empathic children, Indigo or Crystal children, etc. It is also for people who are psychic parents or were psychic as children themselves.

-begin by introducing yourself, and giving a brief description of the psychic kid(s) in your life
-be respectful of differing views, opinions and beliefs
-negative energy is not welcome....neither are negative comments (including comments like "You are insane.") these comments will be deleted, and you will be banned from posting.
-come with an open mind and heart~!

Every child deserves to be recognized for what they are, and not all children are the same. Only through understanding can we give these kids what they need to grow up happy.

this community is maintained by noaccident
suggestions and ideas welcome! =)

here is an excellent website on Crystals and Indigos, both children and adults: http://www.starchild.co.za/